Libby can't get out of my car fast enough on grooming day upon arrival at Kathy's.  Kathy is always kind and enthusiastic with each grooming session.

- Joan S.                    

Newburyport, MA

My dogs love Kathy's.  It's like a day at the Spa.

- Stacey S.                 

Newburyport, MA

My dog has been to 2 other groomers.  I find Kathy's to be clean, friendly and he's hasn't looked better!  Very professional.  My dog is not easy to deal with.  Kathy does a great job with him.  I'm very pleased.

- Janet S.           

Hampton, NH

For several years I have had my dog, Malacki, groomed at Kathy's so I am very familiar with the entire staff's professional technique, knowledge and professional attitude.  Since my "best friend" is a quirky, nervous Cocker Spaniel, most importantly to me, he is always treated with respect, kindness, gentleness and patience.  Stephanie and Kathy handle him with so much love he anxiously jumps in the car when I ask him if he wants to go "get handsome".

- Mary S.         

Newton, NH

I have always had great experiences at Kathy's.  My cat gets in her carrier willingly when we're going there.  She loves to get her fur cut.

- Eileen C.          

Seabrook, NH

Kathy's is a great place to take your pet..
clean friendly environment...well versed in all pet care..ran with a lot of TLC..
always feel comfortable leaving my pet there...

- Adam R.                 

Newburyport, MA

I heard about Kathy through one of my customers "cause her dog looked good".  Our dog Rosco looks great and was very happy.
Well worth it, as we have been getting inconsistent results from other groomers


- Tessier A.         

Amesbury, MA

Kathy is always wonderful w/ my one eyed Jack, any other groomer I have brought him to tells me what a hard time he gives them, not w/ Kathy.  He always gets glowing remarks and comes home happy to be able to see again...Thx Kathy for the extra service of keeping him all day so I did not have to interrupt my work schedule, much appreciated!


 - Joanne C.        

Seabrook, NH

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