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We offer free training services for puppies under 6 months of age. This is a crucial time to ensure positive experiences with grooming. I start puppies as young as 8 weeks old in getting used to the bathing and grooming process; this helps to eliminate fear of baths and clippers. All of the puppies that have come to my shop for classes are comfortable with the grooming process and have no fear of any part of the experience. Trained puppies are a pleasure to work with and they usually enjoy their visit here.


Geriatric Pets:

Older pets require more time and gentle handling. Due to potential health concerns and general stiffness that comes along with aging, older pets benefit from routine maintenance programs to keep them comfortable and to help shorten the duration of each visit.


Nervous Pets:

Some pets have never had a positive grooming experience and the process can sometimes be very stressful for them. I take the time with these dogs to help them adjust to the experience with a positive reward technique. I find this helps them to be more comfortable with grooming and handling.

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About Kathy:

Hi, for those that have not made use of my services before, my name is Kathy Chaisson-Orben and my love of animals started at a very early age.  In 8th grade I gave an oral report on dog grooming, little did I know then that it would spark the beginning of my desire to pursue my career. I began my business in a one car garage 35 years ago. I have been grooming animals now for over 30 years.


I have been blessed with the ability to work with nervous and timid animals and has many success stories throughout her career. Using my KLC(Kathy’s Loving Care) approach, these pets now come in feeling comfortable, with a smile on their face and their tails wagging. I love to groom and make dogs 'pretty' but my favorite part about grooming are the hard cases. Getting to really change a dog or cats life with a careful and loving groom is a very rewarding experience.


Our Philosophy:

At Kathy’s, our philosophy is to respect the connection between our clients and their human owners and treat every pet in our care as if they are our own.  In moments when we are challenged by a nervous pet or a behavioral problem, we try to sense the source of their fear and work with the pet to calm them and make them feel safe.  It is our belief that if we always do what is best for the pet, we can't go wrong.  I specialize in pets that are nervous or fearful of groomers or new situations and have a special way of working with these animals to calm them and put them at ease.  We are dedicated to providing the best professional grooming services at a competitive price.  Your pets will be treated with love and respect


Your pet is a part of your family.  When you aren't able to be with them, you want to be sure the people you are entrusting them to have the same high standard of care.  Finding a groomer you can trust and then bringing your pet to them again and again provides consistency that you and your loved ones can depend on.  It is all about you and your pet.  Our mission is to provide an affordable and comfortable retreat for your pet while we are providing peace of mind for you.  At Kathy’s Pet Grooming, you can expect a great relationship.  We begin by discussing the needs of you and your pet.  How can we make him or her look better?  What helps them to become more comfortable?  We provide positive reinforcement and encourage good behavior while grooming by giving them treats and lots of verbal praise.  Our team wants to make your pet look their best!   Our customers are satisfied pets and pet owners who count on this type of tailored customer service.  Good grooming begins with two-way communication and ends with a fabulous looking pet! 


Personable and Affordable Services:

Kathy's Pet Grooming & Boarding is the only Premier Pet Grooming service on the Seacoast. With over 35 years of professional grooming experience, we provide the best care for your pets in a smoke-free shop; we take pride in catering to their individual needs.


Our company was established in 1983 and has been responsible for providing outstanding pet grooming services ever since. Our specialty is in the area of all breeds of dogs and cats, puppies, geriatric pets, and especially nervous pets. Our regular customers particularly value our personable, affordable and reliable service.


Whether you need pet grooming, boarding, nail clipping, dematting or just have a question on how to care for your pet, we offer what you are looking for at prices YOU CAN AFFORD!!!


Our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, and professional service of the highest degree!  A routine grooming schedule plays a key role in your pets’ health. Please ask us about regularly scheduled appointments to keep your pet healthy, clean and happy.


We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.


Convenient Location:

Did we mention that Kathy’s Pet Grooming & Boarding is in a prime location? Located just a half mile on Route 1 in Salisbury, next to Rusnick's Campground, we are only minutes from Amesbury, Newburyport, Seabrook, Hampton, Plum Island, Exeter and Merrimac.  We’re just minutes from Route 95 (2 miles) and Route 495 (3 miles) which makes our location convenient for everyone.